8 WEEK TRANSFORMATION - Launching September 26th, 2022 
Week #1: The Beginning...
Week #2: Simple Changes...
Week #3: How To Adjust...
Week #4: Progress...
The Challenge
You Too, Can Get To The “Best Shape Of My Life!” In 8-Weeks 
Results for 20 New Participants...
Going to the gym seems like a chore.
You never know what you’re working out that day (that’s if you go), wandering around to find the empty machines just so you don’t look like a dummy who’s doing nothing.

No wonder results are slow to come and it feels like an uphill battle. Ugh.

What if, instead…You walk into the gym with confidence. With a plan in mind, knowing very well that each session is getting you one step closer to the best shape of your life!

Knowing very well that the trainer who’s yelling…err, encouraging you every step of the way wants you to succeed just as much as you do (maybe more)!

Knowing very well that in 8 weeks you’ll look back and soar with pride with your newly built body!

That’s what we’ve designed for a handful of rockstars, ready to break through their plateau!

An 8-week challenge at The Workout - Transformation Hub where you’ll meet with your Certified Personal Trainer who’ll push you to your limits - for good reason.

Plus, you’ll get to meet other rockstars striving to break out of mediocracy. It’s a recipe for success, if you ask me, and if you ask other students who took on this 8-week Challenge.

Up for the Challenge?
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You Too, Can Get To The “Best Shape Of My Life!”
 In 8-Weeks
Results for 20 New Participants...
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